High-quality men,women and children underwear collection


Sandal Textile is a privately owned textile manufacturing company with the head office based in Istanbul, Turkey. With over 20 years of experience Sandal Textile takes pride in its ability to quickly adapt and implement the necessary changes in both technology and the manufacturing processes, to meet its changing customer and market requirements.

All Sandal Textile manufacturing sites are optimized so that we have the flexibility to respond to our customer's needs irrespective of their global geographic location. Sandal Textile has its head office based in Istanbul, but also benefits from a fully owned manufacturing site in other parts of Turkey capable of producing "Made in Turkey quality".

When looking at new opportunities, Sandal Textile has the benefit of being able to pull knowledge & expertise from its own group capable of covering- textiles, composites, medical and engineering textile product combinations. It is this commitment to continually work with our customers to develop and implement new innovative textile products that keep Sandal Textile as one of the leading technical textile manufacturing companies.

Sandal Textile's increasing new client base also reflects an ability to develop products specific to their client requirements at a sensible cost.


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